Some folks call me Lizz.

Others call me Betty. At one time I was a Violet–and a Tizzy. I like names.

By night, I’m an artist who dabbles in a lot of different mediums: writing, photography, music, visual art, and just about everything else. I love to learn and challenge myself, so I am constantly seeking out new ways to expand my self-expression.

Much of my personal work, at the core, is about three things: fun, foul mouthery, and feelings.

By day, I’m a copy/content/ghostwriter, project manager, and marketing maven who helps small to mid-sized businesses get their communications and operations shit together.

All of this gets done from my home base in Portland, Oregon, where I drink an appalling amount of seltzer and chill with my two cats.

Let’s collaborate.

photo by Alex Vasquez