What does your rate include (and what other factors are considered for a quote)?

As you can see, I provide an hourly rate, but “hourly rate” is kiiiiiiiind of a misnomer.

Providing an hourly rate is a good guideline; so now you know that my minimum rate comes to about $550 for a two hour shoot. This rate doesn’t just cover shooting time, though; it also includes the time prepping, managing the photos and communication, and editing photos to get to you ASAP. So a two hour shoot usually means much, much more work than just those two hours!

If you want additional edited photos (or if this is for an event), or if there are multiple people to wrangle in a photoshoot, the quote will change, as these factors add a significant amount of work on my end.

My hourly rate does not include travel time. If the location is reasonably within the Portland Metro area, I usually do not charge an additional cost for it. If the location starts to get out to the fringe areas and will take significant travel time and effort, I charge a small fee on top of the shoot.

This is why I strongly recommend reaching out for a quote, as a catchall estimate is never going to be totally precise.