Use of the photos

Your use

You are welcome to use these photos for anything.

Sell them to clients! Put them on your site! Use them in your advertising! Use them on social media! Truly, the final edits are yours to do with whatever you please.

My only ask is that you credit/tag me when sharing the shots (or when more appropriate, include a link to my site):

  • Name: Lizz Ehrenpreis
  • Instagram: @lzehphoto
  • Twitter: @tsdoodle
  • Site:

My use

If the photos come out and you like them, I’d honored to use them for my portfolio, etc. That said, there is zero obligation to do so; this shoot is a service for YOU.

Your consent in using the photos is absolutely critical, and you get to decide how these images are used. I will never publish or share them without your consent.

If you are comfortable with me using them, I will ask you to sign a standard model release that gives me written permission to use the photos attached to my photography services, as well as for artistic pursuits, etc. One of the release clauses states that you can rescind the use of these photos at any time.

I will also ask you for your contact information to ensure that I am tagging/crediting you as well!

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