Men: "I don't understand why yall give your number out to guys you're not interested in. You could just say no!"

Women: "Well, sometimes it's safer to just give the man what he wants in that moment."

Men: "Whatever. You could just say no. It's that simple."

Also men:

Substance use researchers: I'm working on a presentation for students to address misperceptions about substance use. What are some myths/issues to include? Working list: rock bottom, enabling, recovery = 12 step & 30-day inpatient stay... PLEASE ADD TO THIS!


yet another monster babe | @winsorandnewton @danielsmithartistsmaterials #reeveswatercolor on @cansonpaper ...

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Two moods. | #reeveswatercolor @danielsmithartistsmaterials & @micronart on @cansonpaper ...

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playing catch up on commissions, illustrations for #therumpus, and more. moving and the holiday and health stuff (like falling and fucking yo my back!) set me behind.
it’s a tough balance to strike: i want to share as much as i can here, as i know this is how i ~market my work~, but i also am now working on certain things i have to keep behind closed doors until the time is right. It’s a good problem to have, i guess. anyway, not dead, still painting, much more to come. enjoy the forever mess of my right wrist and farmer hand.

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