“Eat the rich”:
-kinda weird
-don’t know where they’ve been

“Use the rich as fertilizer”:
-good for the environment
-still menacing
-everyone loves wood chippers

the internet is bad now because the internet is only news and reactions to news and reactions to reactions to the news. like what i wouldn’t give for one weird geocities page filled with vampire poems and a guestbook with 17 signatures


Trump accused Jewish Democrats of “disloyalty” this week. Many have pointed out how dangerous this centuries-old accusation has been, leading to violence and expulsion.

It also destroys movements. Here's a story from US history of the disloyalty accusation against Jews.


2 days ago

The Screaming Doodle

It’s pretty dang cool to see your work in print. Thank you @highshelfpress! Go pick up a copy through their site—not only will you see my work but also the work of some other amazing artists and writers. @ Portland, Oregon ...

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backlogged pieces: Creative Thinking | watercolor @winsorandnewton on 10x14 coldpressed watercolor paper | this piece, amongst others, can be purchased as a print right here: 💙 ...

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Backlogged pieces: The Elderberry | @danielsmithartistsmaterials @winsorandnewton #utrechtpaint on 10x14 cold pressed watercolor paper ...

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