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The current state of affairs for sex workers is dire, and as a result, I am offering free photoshoots for any and all kinds of sex workers in the Portland metro area.

Some background about me: I was the Editor-in-Chief for two sex worker oriented publications (owned by an advertising platform), and engaged in advocacy and education regarding sex work related issues. I was one of the members of a panel on sex worker allyship at CatalystCon East and West, and have ties to the community. As a result, I am familiar with the political struggle, stigma, logistical challenges, and oppression that sex workers face.

My background in marketing and photography comes together nicely with this other background experience to help me understand what kind of photos you will want and need, and what you’re aiming for in your marketing to your clients.

I don’t have money to throw at y’all (OTHERWISE I WOULD), but I do have a skill that I can offer to help. High quality photos are critical to your business…and are also very pricey. So, here we are. This is what I have to offer, so this is what I’m offering.

If you’re interested, I’ve outlined all of the details and addressed most possible FAQs. This is a lot of information, so please give it a thorough read and let me know if you have any questions.

My general approach during shoots is casual, relaxed, and energetic. My goal is to bring out the best version of you possible. It usually ends up being a lot like just hanging out and chatting…while I take your picture!

I’ll give you some direction, but generally, it will be VERY relaxed.  Also, rest assured I will never ever ever let you look bad. It’s my job to make sure you look AMAZING and I take it seriously.

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Your use

You are welcome to use these photos for anything.

Sell them to clients! Put them on your site! Use them in your advertising! Use them on social media! Truly, the final edits are yours to do with whatever you please.

My only ask is that you credit/tag me when sharing the shots (or when more appropriate, include a link to my site):

  • Name: Lizz Ehrenpreis
  • Instagram: @lzehphoto
  • Twitter: @tsdoodle
  • Site:

My use

If the photos come out and you like them, I’d honored to use them for my portfolio, etc. That said, there is zero obligation to do so; this shoot is a service for YOU.

Your consent in using the photos is absolutely critical, and you get to decide how these images are used. I will never publish or share them without your consent.

If you are comfortable with me using them, I will ask you to sign a standard model release that gives me written permission to use the photos attached to my photography services, as well as for artistic pursuits, etc. One of the release clauses states that you can rescind the use of these photos at any time.

I will also ask you for your contact information to ensure that I am tagging/crediting you as well!

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This is the part where I will need YOUR help.

Our trickiest issue is finding a location. Since I am offering this work on a volunteer basis, I can’t shell out for a studio or a hotel or something, otherwise I would.

As long as we have a space that has good natural lighting and looks at least somewhat aesthetically pleasing, we can make it work.

If you have an incall, or will be booking a hotel/space for other purposes, and want to capitalize on it, let me know! We will figure it out.

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We are going to use natural lighting, which means we will likely shoot during golden hour. Golden hour happens right after sunrise or right before sunset — it’s the best time to photograph people as the lighting is diffuse, warm, and beautiful on every skin type and color.

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You will need to do your own hair and makeup, unless you know someone who can step in to help. I’m happy to help with styling outfits and talk about what looks great in photos, as well.

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Within two weeks of the shoot, I will email you a Pixieset link to all of the proofs of usable photos. These aren’t always going to be my favorites, photographically speaking, but ones that are clear and usable, and may best serve your needs.

Once you receive this, through Pixieset you will be able to mark 25-30 of your favorites. Within three weeks from the date you pick your favorites, I will edit your top picks and send you a link for downloading all of them. I will also edit my favorites and send those to you for download as well.

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For scheduling, we will carve out about two hours for the shoot itself. Sometimes it takes a little less/a little more, but that’s usually about the amount of time it takes to get a solid base of workable shots.

I ask for 24 hours notice on any cancellations. If a cancellation comes in with less than 24 hours, I will ask for a non-refundable $25 rescheduling fee to rebook the shoot.

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Some folx who have reached out asked about tipping or some compensation of some kind (because y’all sweeties KNOW THE VALUE OF LABOR AND EFFORT; I 💜you). If you do want to do so, then I won’t fight you. I take Paypal, Venmo, Cash app, or…you know, cash. I’m flexible.

It is not expected, nor an obligation of any kind, so please do not feel like you are compelled to do this under any circumstances, and do not let this section deter you from reaching out.

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There are a few questions that need to be answered to make sure that I capture you properly and give you shots that work for your business. 

It helps me to know the following: 

  • What is your general vibe?
  • What is your persona?
  • What kind of clients do you tend to attract?
  • What kind of clients would you LIKE to attract?
  • What is the feeling you try to evoke from your audience?
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