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Photo by Meg Nanna

Lizz Ehrenpreis is an interdisciplinary artist who works in both traditional and digital mediums. Her work includes themes of feminism, mental health, femininity, rage, trauma, nature, tones and gradations, pop art, and other ephemera. Lizz studied at the Brooks Institute of Photography, and is primarily self-taught. Her work can be found on canvas, in print, online, and on denim.

She was previously a regular illustrator for The Rumpus. In 2019, her work was featured in the City of Beaverton’s #YourArtMoment campaign in Issue IX of High Shelf Press

lizz ehrenpreis a portland based artist standing in her art studio

In a former life, Lizz’s writing was published in a variety of places, including a weekly column for The Playpen Report, commissioned pieces for Medium’s Boinkology 101 collection, and Tits and Sass. In 2013, she had a series of vignettes published in a women’s sexuality anthology and journalist Melissa Gira Grant featured one of Lizz’s pieces in her “best of” end of the year compilation.

She was the Editor-in-Chief for Slixa Late Night and Slixa Undercover, as well as the Managing Editor for a popular dating blog. She was a panelist at CatalystCon East and West, and performed at the Center for Sex & Culture in San Francisco.

Before becoming a working artist, she spent the last few years as a communications, marketing, and project management maven in the tech industry. She worked with companies like Zao, TechnoSiren, WebDevStudios, and more — most often in the commercial WordPress space. Lizz is a Louder Than Ten certified Digital Project Manager.

Prior to moving across state lines, she was the Marketing Director for Portland-based art collective Fused Creative.

Lizz works and plays on the west coast.