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the rumpus illustrations: habitat

I recently started illustrating for one of my favorite lit mags of all time, The Rumpus. These couple of pieces went up in June, and are companions to Christy Stillwell’s Habitat, a piece of original fiction that discusses abortion and the power of choice. It’s wonderfully written and I was honored to illustrate it!

She was looking at him with an expression he’d never seen, one he would not forget. A mix of sorrow and triumph. She sat on the edge of her chair, leaning forward, elbows on her knees. You do it or you don’t, she said. The decision changes how you will live your life, but it doesn’t say much about what kind of person you are.

“You think it does.” She looked over at Jupi. “People want you to think it does. But it doesn’t.”

-Christy Stillwell, Habitat
illustration for the rumpus; two elm trees against a blue sky with a makeshift tree fort

Go give it a read!

The Rumpus Original Fiction: Habitat

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