On Recovery


I’m clocking a year and four months (I almost said a year and a half…but let’s not future trip, right?) of not drinking, and I’m now working on a photo and interview series featuring other people who are in recovery as well.

The goal of this project is to destigmatize recovery, with a highlight on folks who are taking a non-traditional approach to their “program” (whatever that may mean, in the broadest sense of the term).

As we all know, there’s a stigma against alcoholism and addiction. There’s also a stigma against twelve step programs, with the idea that they are very stringent (I believe the term bandied about is “cult,” often).  In addition to that, both in and out of the recovery community there’s the belief that a traditional twelve step program is the *only* way to do things.

This project aims to explore (and on occasion, challenge) those all of those ideas by humanizing those the people who are in recovery and highlighting those who use the program creatively through photography and interview. I have met so many incredible people on my journey here; there’s so much wisdom, both in and out of the rooms, from people who have made recovery their own.

What I’m looking for:

  • 18+ only. You must be able and willing to legally consent to both your photo and interview being used in this project.
  •  Folks who are in recovery, preferably with at least six months of sober time.
  • Folks who have some familiarity with the traditional twelve step programs, even if it is not the path you have ultimately chosen to support you in the long-term.
  • A willingness to be photographed. If you prefer to maintain your anonymity/privacy, we can come up with creative ways to not show your face/exact likeness in the photos. Let’s discuss it!
  • A willingness to fill out the interview form thoughtfully. I’m happy to assist anyone who needs to be guided through the questions (or would prefer to be verbally walked through the questions) as well.
  • A willingness to be photographed in your home and/or a space that is meaningful and unique to you.
  • Within an hour drive of PDX Metro.

This is a volunteer gig (heyyyy, view it as a service opportunity!), so alas, there is no compensation other than the best shots provided to you (digitally) once the project is launched.

Please use the contact form to get in touch if you’re interested — or with any questions, concerns, etc.

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